"Listen to me, John. You have their power. You can make things happen by will alone. They call it "Tuning." That is how they make the buildings change. Just now you acted out of self-defense, a reflex. But I can teach you to control your power consciously.

"Let me help you, John. Together we can stop them, we can take the city back."

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"Johnny, sweetheart, I’m gonna tell you, listen honey, listen, I want you to know somethin’, sweetheart… I’ve done somethin’ so bad. Real bad."

Wild at Heart (1990)

dir: David Lynch

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In a workshop far, far away, artist Tony Larson recreates amazing Star Wars Terrariums complete with Yoda, R2D2, and Ewoks. The tiny living sci-fi worlds are available through his Etsy Store, starting at around $100.00 for each realistic miniature scene

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